Keondre Woods And Jarrin Randle Lead The Bobcats And Thunder To Big Wins In Week 3 Action At The South Suburban Fall Exposure League

Chicago Hoops
October 13, 2010

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Bobcats (66) vs. Raptors (60)
Keondre Woods scored 21 points, Gary Green added 15 points and Evan Gilyard tossed in 10 points for the Bobcats. Alonzo Chatman scored 16 points for the Raptors.

Thunder over Pacers
Jarrin Randle scored 15 points and Lunden Taylor added 11 points to lead the way for the Thunder. Jordan Simmons scored 13 points including a trio of three-point baskets to lead the Pacers.

Bulls (51) vs. Lakers (42)
Keith Gray scored 18 points and George Marshall added 10 points to keep the Bulls undefeated. Jamie Crockett led the way for the Lakers with 21 points.

Knicks 93 Warriors 51
Jason Scott and Marcus Willis each scored 20 points to lead the Knicks. Rasheed Hopkins added 16 points for the Warriors.

Heat (63) Magic (61)
Double-overtime thriller.

Bucks (67) vs. Warriors (65) Marquis McCoy led the Bucks with 12 points with Cameron Bass adding 10 points. Michael Rollins led the Warriors with 16 a game-high points.

Heat 56 over Spurs 48
D.J. Ibitayo scored 16 points and Nick Collins added 10 points to lead the Heat to victory. Anthony Lewis 16 led the Spurs with 16 points and Rocco Belcaster 12 points.

Spurs 58 Nuggets 53
Rocco Belcaster scored 21 points to power the Spurs to the win. Marquell Smalls led the Nuggets with 12 points.

Knicks 102 Suns 25