Class of 2005: Top Post Prospects
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Class of 2005: Top Post Prospects

Brian Stinnette
May 12, 2004

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Here is a look at the top Class of 2005 post prospects in the state of Illinois. Clarence Holloway (Chicago Harlan) and DeAndre Thomas (Chicago Westinghouse) head the list of prospects.

Class of 2005: Top Post Prospects
Player Height Position School
1. Clarence Holloway 7-0 Center Chicago Harlan
2. DeAndre Thomas 6-8 Power Forward Chicago Westinghouse
3. Mike Davis 6-7 Forward Chicago Gordon Tech
4. Donnell Lyons 6-5 Forward Thornton
5. Jeremiah Bryant 6-7 Power Forward Chicago Harlan
6. DeMar McKnight 6-6 Power Forward Peoria Manual
7. Aaron Jimenez 6-8 Power Forward Leyden
8. Patrick Nelson 6-9 Center Rockford Jefferson
9. Marquis Young 6-8 Center Chicago Austin
10. Howard Boone 6-8 Power Forward Oak Park River Forest