Class of 2006 Could Be A Monster Year For Point Guards
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Class of 2006 Could Be A Monster Year For Players Who Can Run The Point

Brian Stinnette
April 1, 2004

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The Illinois Class of 2006 is starting to take shape, and it could be a monster class for prospects who have the ability to play point guard. Jon Scheyer, Sherron Collins, Chris Singletary, Jeremy Nash, Devan Bawinkle and Alphonso Dillard. Can you say Wow! This group is worth getting excited about.

The Class of 2005 is loaded with guards, and now the Class of 2006 is showing a tremendous amount of talent specifically with players who can run the point. 6-6 Jon Scheyer (Glenbrook North) is the top prospect in the class. The highly versatile Scheyer can play the 1, 2 or the 3 spot on the basketball court. He has outstanding basketball instincts, and makes solid decisions on the floor. Last summer, Scheyer told that he could see himself running the point in college.

5-10 Sherron Collins (Chicago Crane), and 5-10 Alphonso Dillard (Peoria Manual) are both small, strong and quick. Both players combine outstanding penetration skills with superb court vision and passing ability. If you are looking for a prototypical point guard, who can break down an opposing defense, then you cannot go wrong with either Collins or Dillard.

6-4 Chris Singletary (Chicago Farragut) is best described as a “power guard”. Singletary is already one of the strongest guards in the state, and is extremely effective at using his size and strength to bull his way into the lane. Singletary just plain wears out defenders! His high school coach, “Wolf” Nelson, thinks Singletary will be one of Farragut’s all-time best players before he is through.

6-3 Jeremy Nash (Chicago Marist) has tremendous upside potential. Nash is long, athletic and still growing. Once his body fully develops over the next couple of seasons, Nash could be a dominant force on both ends of the floor. He ultimately will bring size, strength, skill and athleticism to the point.

6-4 Devan Bawinkle (Winnebago) is tall, athletic and highly versatile. Bawinkle has a strong handle, solid instincts and some nice hops. He gets points both inside and outside. He put his point guard skills on full display at the Illinois Select Showdown last Sunday, and effectively used his size to see over opposing defenses.

The Illinois Class of 2006 is starting to look like it could be a very strong class. Collins and Dillard are pure point guards. Scheyer, Singletary and Bawinkle are all highly versatile, and are spending an extensive amount of time running the point currently. This class could be special.