Player Diary: Chicago Julian's Brandon Ewing
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Player Diary: Chicago Julian’s Brandon Ewing

Brandon Ewing (Chicago Julian)
Special to Chicago Hoops
April 21, 2004

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Brandon Ewing of Chicago Julian High School brings the first installment of his player diary to Brandon ranks as one of the top Class of 2005 basketball prospects in the state of Illinois, and will bring us a special look inside his recruitment, and his life on and off of the basketball court.

What’s up everybody? This is B. Ewing (Brandon) and as you know I’m playing with the Meanstreets which is being coached by Tai Streets and Carlton DeBose. It was a hard decision to play with the Meanstreets but my two best friends Maurice Acker and Jerel McNeal influenced me in playing with them. Now a lot of people consider us the best trio they have seen in a long time. They should have seen the three of us when we were in 7th & 8th grade with Ryan Owens and Julian Wright on the team. We were unbeatable! We actually call ourselves the “triple threat” on and off the court.

I participated in Larry Butler’s Spotlite and Flash’s Hoops Review again this year. I believe that I am actually stepping up my game and performing like most people want me to and how I know I can. I would have to say that spending hours in the weight room, shooting 500 jump shots and free throws is taking my game to another level. Also, my good friend Britt Booker who is an assistant on the Meanstreets has been showing me and instructing me through various NBA ball handling moves. In addition to Britt, I will be working with Nate Williams, who is a very good strength and conditioning instructor on my strength and increasing my speed.

The end of March started the Meanstreets AAU season. So far we have won the Boston Massacre Tourney where the score in the championship game was 95-60! The next two weeks we will be traveling to Las Vegas and Houston to play in two of the big time tournaments for AAU this year. Hopefully I will continue to play like I have been and letting my game come to me.

As far as the college recruiting is going? I have been attracting interest from all major conferences in the country and colleges such as DePaul, Illinois, Oregon, Southern, Southwest Missouri, Oklahoma State, U.N.L.V., Wyoming, Kansas, Seton Hall, Rutgers, Nebraska, Marquette, Purdue, Clemson, Florida, Cincinnati and Louisville which I will be visiting in May. Although I am keeping all of my options open, Louisville has always been one of my dream schools, along with North Carolina and Kansas. I am very excited about the visit!

That’s pretty much everything that has been happening with “B” and I will definitely let you know how Vegas and Houston went. Until next time!