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Jermiah Bryant A Developing Sophomore Talent

Brian Stinnette
February 3, 2003

Chicago Fenger sophomore power forward Jermiah Bryant is a developing talent with solid potential.

The 6’7 Bryant is both strong and athletic. The long-armed power forward is still a bit raw. His overall game is still very much in development. However, he may still be growing, which adds to his intrigue as a prospect.

Bryant is at his best when he gets the ball close to the basket. Defensively, Bryant is a solid shot blocker who works hard on the boards inside. He seems to enjoy mixing it up inside.

Bryant has the athletic skill set to potentially extend his game out to the perimeter. However, he must polish his skills inside first, starting with a go-to move in the paint.

Chicago Hoops ranks Bryant among the top 25 Class of 2005 prospects in the state of Illinois.