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How Are The Top Class of 2001 Prospects Doing Now?

Chicago Hoops
January 22, 2004

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Here is a progress report on the top prospects from the Illinois Class of 2001. Thornwood’s Eddy Curry was the #1 prospect, and he went straight from high school to the NBA. Nearly half of the Top 12 prospects have transferred from their original collegiate selection.

1. Eddy Curry (Thornwood)
6-11 Center
Chicago Bulls
Went straight from high school to the NBA. Averaging 12.4ppg and 6.0rpg.

2. Will Bynum (Chicago Crane)
5-10 Guard
Georgia Tech
Started career at Arizona before transferring to Georgia Tech. Averaging 11.0ppg and 3.0apg.

3. Najeeb Echols (Chicago Morgan Park)
6-7 Forward
Illinois State
Started career at Missouri before transferring to Illinois State.

4. Pierre Pierce (Westmont)
6-3 Point Guard
Iowa’s best player. Averaging 16.6ppg and 3.1apg.

5. Roger Powell, Jr. (Joliet Township)
6-6 Forward
Averaging 12.5ppg and 4.9rpg.

6. Luther Head (Chicago Manley)
6-2 Guard
Averaging 9.6ppg and 2.4rpg.

7. Marcellus Sommerville (Peoria Central)
6-6 Forward
Started career at Iowa before transferring to Bradley. Averaging 15.9ppg and 7.2rpg.

8. Kelly Whitney (Chicago Marshall)
6-8 Power Forward
Seton Hall
A big time player for Seton Hall. Averaging 13.3ppg and 6.1rpg.

9. Neil Plank (Mt. Zion)
6-5 Shooting Guard
Illinois State
Started his career at Wisconsin before transferring to Illinois State. Averaging 7.3ppg and 2.3apg.

10. Ron Howard (Chicago Whitney Young)
6-5 Shooting Guard
Started career at Marquette before transferring to Valparaiso. Averaging 7.4ppg and 1.7apg.

11. Quinnell Brown (Chicago Morgan Park)
6-5 Guard/Forward
Played for two years at Wabash Valley before transferring to Auburn. Averaging 5.9ppg and 2.9rpg.

12. Jason Straight (Chicago Dunbar)
6-2 Point Guard
Leads Wyoming in both scoring and assists with averages of 14.5ppg and 3.6apg.