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Throwing It Down!: Who Are The Best Dunkers In The State Of Illinois

Brian Stinnette
February 3, 2004

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Let the debate begin. Just who are the top dunkers in the state of Illinois? Here is the ChicagoHoops.com ranking of the top dunkers in the state……Chicago Hoops

Demetrius Evans
6-4 Small Forward
Chicago Von Steuben

Quite possibly the best leaper in the state! Can really, really elevate off of the floor. A human highlight reel waiting to happen.

DeAaron Williams
6-5 Guard/Forward

Can pretty much throw it down any way he wants to. Loves to attack the basket.

Julian Wright
6-8 Guard/Forward

Likes to use his length and athleticism to throw down monster jams on missed shots around the basket. A big-time crowd pleaser.

Calvin Brock
6-5 Small Forward
Chicago Simeon

Long and athletic. Seems to rise out of nowhere for jams. Can really get off of the floor.

Tommie Liddell
6-4 Guard
East St. Louis

Long and athletic. Loves the open floor. Throw it up and let him go and get it.

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