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Jamarcus Ellis Poised To Make A Name For Himself Nationally

Brian Stinnette
March 10, 2003

Chicago Westinghouse shooting guard Jamarcus Ellis will head into AAU competition this spring and summer in position to make a name for himself nationally.

Ellis’ high school season ended on Friday when Westinghouse fell to Whitney Young 65-60. The loss capped a stellar junior season for Ellis who finished averaging better than 21 points, 12 rebounds and 6 assists per contest. The 6-4 Ellis also established himself as one of the best defensive players in the state.

Ellis competes in AAU competition with Mac Irvin’s Illinois Fire. Ellis spent a good deal of last summer nursing an injury, which kept him out of competition for a good deal of the AAU season.

Ellis will be the feature player on the Illinois Fire this year. Ellis is a dazzling all-around talent. The left-hander can penetrate, shoot with range, pass, rebound and defend at a high level. He can comfortably play the 1, 2 or 3 spots on the floor. His passing skills are vastly underrated. Many times his high school teammates couldn’t keep up with the passes that Ellis was looking to make.

Ellis ranks with Peoria Central’s Shaun Livingston and West Aurora’s Shaun Pruitt as the Top 3 prospects in the state of Illinois for the Class of 2004. A strong spring and summer on the AAU circuit should firmly entrench Ellis as a Top 30 prospect nationally.

Ellis has a number of big time programs watching him closely including Indiana, Illinois, Iowa and Arizona. In addition, Auburn assistant Tracy Dildy would love add Ellis to his Chicago-to-Auburn pipeline. The list of schools pursuing Ellis is expected to continue to grow throughout the summer.