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7-3 Kenny George An Intriguing 2004 Prospect

Brian Stinnette
February 27, 2003

Chicago Latin center Kenny George is an intriguing Class of 2004 prospect who has the defensive ability to totally disrupt the flow of a basketball game.

George, who stands a legitimate 7-3, makes most of his contributions on the floor on defense. This year he is averaging an eye-popping 8 blocked shots per game. He has become very skilled at planting himself inside and using his big frame to completely clog the paint.

George is a bit challenged athletically. He does not run the floor particulary well, and teams like to try and run on Latin to keep him from setting up defensively. His offensive skills in the post are also in development. He is averaging about 8 points per game this season.

George has made tremendous improvements to his game from a year ago. Although he will be somewhat of a project, George is getting some solid interest from a number of Division I schools.