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Harris Finally Getting Respect Statewide

Brian Stinnette
January 29, 2003

We have been telling anyone who would listen that Whitney Young’s Anthony Harris was one of the top five 2003 prospects in the state of Illinois for quite some time. Now it seems that everyone has discovered just how good of a player Harris is.

Harris was brilliant at the WFMB Shootout last week, and now it seems that everyone is on his bandwagon. However, his showing in Springfield was nothing new. It was a typical Anthony Harris performance.

Harris is an offensive machine. He is quick, shoots with both range and accuracy, has a strong handle and is an excellent penetrator. Offensively, only Shannon Brown and Richard McBride are better than Harris. This Chicago Hoops article the start of the season highlights Harris with Brown and McBride as the best offensive players in the state.

Not surprisingly, the only game that Whitney Young has lost this year, was when Harris sat out with a knee injury. He easily rates as the best uncommitted player left in the state of Illinois. He has a long list of suitors including Auburn, Miami and Georgia Tech.