Fenger's Clarence Holloway Getting Better and Better

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Chicago Fenger’s Clarence Holloway Getting Better And Better

Brian Stinnette
June 20, 2003

Now pretty much fully recovered from a stress fracture that sidelined him most of last year, Chicago Fenger center Clarence Holloway continues to get better and better on the basketball court.

Holloway, a 7-footer, is still developing as a basketball player, but will no doubt be a high major college basketball recruit. His size and potential make him an extremely attractive basketball prospect.

Holloway has made a tremendous amount of progress on the basketball court over that past year. He appears to be in much better shape than a year ago, and his stamina has improved tremendously. He is getting much better at establishing position inside on both ends of the floor.

Offensively, Holloway remains a bit raw, and likes to settle for mid-range jumpers. However, that is largely due to Fenger’s guards not getting him any real touches inside. Once Holloway has confidence that he will get the ball inside, he will stay inside. Holloway has improved the timing on both his rebounding, and his shot blocking.

A bevy of high majors including Illinois, UNLV, Louisville, Fresno State, Purdue and Kentucky are already keeping very close tabs on Holloway’s progress. The upside on Clarenece Holloway is very high. He has only begun to tap his basketball potential. He has the potential to develop into a very solid high major basketball player.