Believe The Hype, Shaun Livingston Is The Goods!
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Believe The Hype, Shaun Livingston Is The Goods!

Brian Stinnette
February 23, 2004

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Some seem to feel that just because didn’t “dazzle” the crowd in a highly anticipated matchup against West Aurora that he isn’t worthy of the all the hype. There is a reason why NBA scouts are at EVERY Peoria Central game, and why they continue to come back in droves each time he takes the floor.

Livingston is a 6-7 “true” point guard. The Duke recruit brings an incredible array of skills and instincts to the table. Livingston’s play over the past two years has clearly established him as the top high school point guard in the United States.

To think that the NBA scouts in attendance at Saturday’s Peoria Central/West Aurora came away “unimpressed” with Livingston is foolish. Livingston’s combination of size and skills are why NBA scouts have been at pretty much every Peoria Central game this season. The fact that they keep coming back in droves confirms their high level of interest.

Livingston is a point guard. However, many times with his high school team he is forced to play out of position at forward, or inside depending on the needs of his team. The early consensus is that if Livingston opts for the NBA draft he will be the first point guard selected. Fellow high schoolers Dwight Howard and Josh Smith, who both hail from the state of Georgia, are also being heavily scouted by NBA teams.