Future Watch: Central Illinois Sophomores
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Future Watch: Central Ilinois Sophomores

Mark Melvin of Cutting Edge Hoops.com has contributed this article to Chicago Hoops.

Mark Melvin
January 31, 2003

While some downstate players in the 2003 and 2004 classes are household names, like Shaun Livingston, Richard McBride and Brian Randle. I’ll give you an early look at some of the players that might be just as recognized in a year or two.

Jamar Smith, 6-1 SG from Peoria Richwoods HS
Jamar is a terrific shooter he moves well without the ball to get himself open for shots. He can also get his own shot off the dribble with range beyond the arc. Jamar shows an understanding of how to play the game, he doesn’t make mistakes and that allows him to compete at the varsity level. He not only hits shots he hits the big shots this kid is clutch which is a toughness that shows through despite his slight build. He will need to put on some muscle and take the ball to the hoop as well as grow a couple of more inches and continue to work hard on D to reach his full potential.

Dodie Dunson 6-1 pg Bloomington HS
Dodie is a quick player with very good ballhandling skills. He’s a very good shooter, but a bit of a streak shooter at this time. He is a player who can turn defense into offense by getting steals as he is a good on the ball defender. Dodie is getting better but still needs to improve on his ability to take the ball to the hoop and score. Dunson is a very heady player who needs to gain strength and consistency as he continues to develop. Dodie is has an all around game as you see by his season stats, he is averaging 14pts 4.7 rebs (2nd on the team) and 4.5 assts.

Jordan Morris 6-2 WG Washington HS
Jordan is a tough competitor with a quick release, which enables him to score on anybody. He can knock down threes or hit the midrange jumper.He is averaging 16 ppg a game so far this season and he is the heart and soul of his team. This kid brings it every night and he plays hard and plays very good defense. Although he is one of those kid who is flying under the radar now, it won’t be long until he shows up on everyone’s radar and rankings if he continues to produce and improve.

Matt Reynolds 6-5 F Bartonsville Limestone
Matt is a slasher and shooter and a very aggressive rebounder. He plays smart he won’t get you beat by making turnovers or playing out of control. He plays good solid defense and while playing on a very talented team he still makes plays and finds ways to contribute. He is one of those kids you watch and you can’t help but think in a couple of years could be a FORCE.

Teddy Toliver 6-1 PG Normal Comm. HS
Teddy is a pure point guard and even though he was coming off the bench much of the season he may already be the best player on the team. He is strong and seems to have a steadying influence on his teammates. Teddy gets the team into the offense and scores off penetration and mid-range jumpers. He is a very good ballhandler and he can shoot it out to the arc but he needs to be a more consistent outside shooter. While a good defender, like most high school players he will need to continue to work at it.