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He’d Be a “Good Fit” For:

Mark Melvin
Cutting Edge
February 19, 2003

He’d Be a “Good Fit”. This is a phrase often used by scouts and coaches alike to indicate what level, school or conference they think a player is best suited for. You may see a player who is an exceptional athlete, and someone will say that he would be a “good fit” at Oklahoma, or a conference USA team like Cincinnati.

I’ve even seen times where a player will be labled a “good fit” because of some similarity between his high school, and a certain colleges’ academic or religious affiliation. Which I believe are very important.

For a player to really be a “good fit”, they must have a relationship with their future coach that will allow them to become the best that they can be. Not just as a player, but as a person as well. This is maybe THE most important factor in determining whether or not a player will reach his true potential.

It is my belief that even the most naturally talented and gifted players will only reach their full potential if they also develop the intangibles like work ethic and discipline. Granted those don’t come easy, and some of the most talented players often rebel when a coach attempts to instill it in them, and that is why it is so important to be a “Good Fit”.