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Top Players: Evanston Sectional

Chicago Hoops
February 5, 2003

The field of teams at the Evanston Sectional includes Evanston, St. Patrick, Niles West, New Trier and Loyola. Nearly a dozen future Division I players will be in action. Here is a look at some of the top players.

Colin Falls of Loyola is the headline player competing at Evanston. The 6-4 shooting guard has signed with Loyola, and is ranked by Chicago Hoops as one of the top ten 2003 prospects in the state of Illinois.

The Evanston roster has three future Division I players. Point guard Mike McKinney has signed with Northern Illinois. Power Forward Jonathan Blakely is expected to go to an Ivy League school. Small Forward Gordon Watt ranks as one of the top fifteen 2004 prospects in the state of Illinois.

Niles West will put its backcourt duo of Jarryd Lloyd and Sead Odzic on display. Lloyd, a 5-11 point guard, ranks as one of the top twenty 2004 prospects in the state. While Odzic, a 6-3 shooting guard, is one of the top ten 2005 prospects in the state.

Other players to watch include 6-2 New Trier shooting guard Brett Sortal. Sortal is unsigned and one of the top fifty 2003 prospects in the state. St. Patrick’s 6-2 point guard Matt Marino is one of the top thirty 2004 prospects. Also competing will be 5-11 Donald Brown of Chicago Foreman, and 5-8 Robert Eschmann of Chicago Northside Prep. Both Brown and Eschmann rank among the top 30 2005 prospects in the state of Illinois.