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Top Returning Rebounders In The Big 10 Conference

Chicago Hoops
July 31, 2003

Here is a listing of the top returning rebounders and assist men in the Big 10 Conference for the 2003-04 season.

Big 10 Top Returning Rebounders
Player Average Height Position College
Jared Reiner 8.2 6-11 Center Iowa
Mike Wilkinson 6.8 6-8 Forward Wisconsin
Jan Jagla 6.8 6-11 Center Penn State
Velomir Radinovic 6.1 7-0 Center Ohio State
Shun Jenkins 6.1 6-6 Forward Ohio State

Big 10 Top Returning Assist Men
Player Average Height Position College
Dee Brown 5.0 5-11 Guard Illinois
Deron Williams 4.5 6-4 Guard Illinois
Jeff Horner 4.5 6-3 Guard Iowa
Daniel Horton 4.5 6-3 Guard Michigan
Chris Hill 3.7 6-3 Guard Michigan State
Bernard Robinson 3.4 6-6 Forward Michigan